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Our Services

    We aim to provide clients with consistently supportive and relevant massage and spa services, to promote personal well-being in an elegant, yet casual atmosphere where certified massage therapists are experienced in customizing treatments to our clients' specific needs.

Body Massage Therarpy

(hot stone service is free with all massages):

    Swedish MassageTherapy

    Swedish massage is our most common type of massage. It involves soft, long, kneading stokes on the topmost layers of muscles. It is gentler than Deep Tissue Massage, and better suited for people who want to get relaxation and stress relief. It brings  relaxation and reenergizes.   

    30 min /$35, 45 min /$50, 60 min /$65, 75 min /$80, 90 min /$95,120 min /$125 

    Aromatherapy Massage

    Aromatherapy massage is a holistic healing treatment for both body and spirit, through a soft massage technique, with aromatic essential oils. Essential oils promote a healthy body and  a tranquil mind. We  offer many kinds of blending essential oil treatments. Clients choose the essential oils they will use in    their treatment (Please see more choices on Aromatherapy Massage Flyer).

     45 min /$60 (whole back),  60 min /$75,  90 min /$110, 120 min/$140 

   Tension Relief Massage(Deep Tissue)

   Tension Relief Massage usually focuses on the deeper layer of muscles. This massage is for those who have chronic pain, extreme tension, or deep body aches. We apply both western and oriental massage techniques to relieve tight muscles. This is also a favorite choice for customers who love hard pressure massages.

    30 min /$40, 45 min /$55, 60 min /$70, 90 min /$100,120 min/$130

  Customized Partial Massage 

   If you feel sore, tight, or have pain in a specific area of your body, do not hesitate to ask our experienced masseurs to provide a customized massage to help ease your muscle discomfort. Come give it a try!   

   30 min/$45, 45 min /$65, 60 min /$75

   Lymphatic Drainage Massage

   Lymphatic Drainage Massage focuses on the body' lymph nodes and lymph system. This Drainage Massage focuses on the lymph system by stimulating the face, neck, torso. This therapy can stimulate and improve the lymph system by a volume of as much as twenty times its normal function. It also activates the stretch response of the body's stretch sensors.  

    30 min /$40, 45 min /$55, 60 min /$70

Body Care Treatment:

   Dead Sea Salt Scrub + Mud + Massage

   Dead Sea salt is well known for high mineral content and its coarse crystals. It is the perfect texture to lift off dead skin cells and  reveal fresher-looking skin. This body scrub with essential oils (select your favorite one) can stimulate circulation, and refresh body and spirit.  

    45 min /$69 (whole back),  90 min $119 (whole body)

   Dead Sea Salt Scrub + Mud + Aromatherapy

   The Dead Sea is located at the lowest sea level of any body of water on earth.  It is surrounded by mountains. Dead Sea mud is rich with a unique combination of minerals, like magnesium, sodium, and potassium. Dead Sea mud can be used to treat health conditions ranging from psoriasis to back pain. A great deal of research claims that Dead Sea mud can help soothe chronic back  pain, reduce inflammation, improve dry skin, and more.

   60 min /$79 (whole back),  12min /$149 (whole body)

   Brest  Care Treatment  (for women) 

    This type of massage provides comfort, care, and assurance to women, who may face body issues related to their breasts.  Specialized breast massage therapy can have various health benefits for woman at different stages of their lives.

For nursing mothers, it can improve lactation, as well as prevent and treat problems like engorgement, plugged milk ducts, and mastitis (infection).

For women with sagging breasts or stretch marks, massage therapy may improve appearance by increasing blood flow. For all women, breast massage therapy can help the lymph system to flush out toxins. It may also identify cancer at its earliest stages.

   40 min /$69

   Back Detox Massage  with Scrapping

    Massage on the whole back with specific massage  technique and tool to improve to detox through back and arm. 

 relax and refreshed!

   30min/ $40

   Cupping Therapy

   Cupping Therapy is an alternative therapy taken from traditional Chinese practice in which cups are placed on the body to apply suction. According to ancient Chinese tradition, it helps to balance yin and yang, positive and negative body energy. It is used to balance this vital energy, improve air flow, and remove moisture residue within the body. It can often bring immediate relief to back pain, especially with those whose pain has come from environmental factors (like exposure to cold, moisture, or poor air quality). It has also been used to treat inflammation and tendinitis.

   $25 /session

    Scraping Therapy

    Scraping Therapy is a natural alternative therapy, drawn from ancient Chinese traditions. During this therapy the masseuse gently scrapes the skin with short and long strokes using a smooth edged gua massage tool made from jade. This therapy has been known to bring immediate relief to those who suffer from upper back, shoulder, and head pain, especially if that pain is caused by anxiety or stress. It has even been known to relieve sore throats and other symptoms brought on by the common cold.


    Moxibustion Therapy

    Moxibustion is an effectively heat therapy used to stimulate acupuncture points in the body to trigger healing response.  Moxibustion  boost immune function and prevent the onset of disease. Moxibustion also help treat nausea, migraine and chronic headaches. With improved circulation, you can enjoy enhanced concentration, better sleep, mental clarity, healthy appetite and general positive feelings .If you are suffering from stress, anxiety and acute depression, then you can consider moxibustion for improved health and general wellness.

     $30 /session

   Reflexology Massage:

    According to traditional Chinese tradition, there are certain reflex points and areas on the hands and feet which affect the organs of the body. By applying pressure to these points and areas on the hands and feet, circulation can be improved, muscle aches soothed, swelling relieved, and toxins expelled. This therapy has been known to improve sleep, to boost the immune system, and to improve general well-being.   

   Reflexology Massage includes the customer's choice of various foot baths:

   Himalayan salt, Dead Sea salt, and Chinese herbs (foot sake is  free for our dear customers!!)

   Foot Reflexology Massage

   30 min /$35  40 min /$45,  60 min /$60 , 90 min/$85

   Foot Care Treatment (exfoliation + mask+ essential oil)

   60 min/$79  (include 15 min neck, shoulder and back massage)

   Hand Reflexology Massage

  30 min/$39

   Hand Care treatment (exfoliation + essential oil +mask)

   50 min/$69 

Couple Massage:

   Spend time together while enjoying side-by-side massages in a romantic atmosphere. Couple’s massage is also a wonderful way to spend unforgettable time while having a relaxing massage together. Not just for spouses, couple’s massage can be enjoyed with best friends, family or special loved ones.

  with Aromatherapy 

  30 min /$90, 45 min /$120, 60 min /$150,  90 min /$220, 120 min /$280

  with Swedish Massage

   45 min /$100, 60 min /$130, 75 min /$160, 90 min /$190,120 min /$250

   with Deep Tissue Massage

   45 min /$110, 60 min /$130, 75 min /$160, 90 min /$200,120 min /$260

   with Exfoliation + Body wrap

  60 min /$218,  90 min /$238,120 min /$338

  Combination(Foot Reflexology with Swedish massage)

  30 min Body massage +30min Foot Reflexology    =$65  

  45 min Body massage +30 min Foot Reflexology   =$80

  60 min Body massage +30 min Foot Reflexology   = $95

  *with Deep Tissue Massage +$10

  Skin Care

  Mini Facial                                              40min/  $50            4 session/ $190     8 session/$380


Signature facial                                       75min/ $85            4 session/ $330     8 session/$640

Ultrasonic Firm up Facial                       60min/ $70           4 session/ $270     8 session/$540

Ultrasonic Eye Lifting Treatment          $29                         4 session/ $110     8 session/$200

  (deep cleaning, exfoliation,  massage, scraping, serum with ultrasound introduces , facial mask and hydration) 

  ***  add on  *** 

   Eye treatment +$39  ( cleaning, scraping, serum with ultrasound introduce, eye mask)

   Back Detoxing Massage 30 min /$40

   Neck Detoxing Massage 20 min /$30


                                                                              Hair Removal(Waxing)

   Underarm $15 

   Arm $25 

   Half leg $25, full leg $45 

   Bikini $35 

   Brazilian $45 

   Chest $40,

   Back $40

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